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... to my website!  Enjoy the many insightful resources and tax guidance available, along with answers to many FAQs.

2019 continues to bring political commotion, bickering and chronic finger-pointing ... But it has amazingly led to far-reaching tax changes for 2019-2026 ... for both individuals and business.  As  the air clears, most observers feel that initial acute controversy will subside as most everyone -- across the board -- will reap benefits in many different and mostly-positive ways -- whether it be the stretching and continued indexing of the tax brackets, the enhanced Child Tax Credit, the doubling of the standard deduction for individuals; and, for businesses -- generous 179 and other Expensing provisions, the significant relief in Coporate tax rates, or the innovative 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction -- for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC's or S Corporation pass-through income!  The repeal of the OcamaCare penalty for not maintaining insurance has started changes towards eventual reform and provides some relief and also hope that this quagmire can begin to beneficially address exhorbitant healthcare costs in a more desirable manner.   The repeal of burdensome regulations already is being widely felt so that breakthroughs can be made with more sensical forward-thinking business planning to sustain a vibrant economy.  So  change is looming in the air ... and the promise of such is indeed a welcome breath of fresh air! 

Identity theft! ... Continues to plague our economy. It is here to stay as the daily news is rife with new cases of private and Federal website hackings -- and now the Equifax hacks.   We must turn the tide and reverse the recent trends, that are distressingly becoming the new standard which make it virtually and overwhelmingly complex to intelligently assess and plan our personal and business circumstances -- to effectively use those tax law changes to our benefit. In other words, proactively acting instead of scrambling just to inadequately react! What a difference it would make in our lives!

For the baby-boomer 1946-1964 birth years, 10,000/day average are turning 65 and considering retiring (over 70 million). Licensed in Utah, I can also help you with Medicare insurance and Supplements (Medigap), annual Part D Rx Plans and Medicare Advantage programs; and pre-medicare 'bridge plans;' aging-in when you are ready to go on Medicare ... or switching from a private, individual or group plan(s) into Medicare.

When is the optimum time for me to start taking Social Security?  Should I wait ... should I 'file and suspend' and collect on my spouse's Social Security benefits?  I can assist you with answering your questions and the recent changes made this year.  The permutations are still almost endless and I can help you focus on obtaining a beneficial answer for your unique tax situation.  Don't pass up the opportunity to sit down together today and review your payment history and assess your Social Security options ... and empower you to make better timely choices regarding your retirement years.  I can provide great insights to the interplay of taxable Social Security, RMD's (Required Minimum Distributions) and Qualified Distribution income ... and help you to plan ahead to avoid needless higher tax brackets on your retirement portfolio nestegg.

Providing guidance to your business on a wide-variety of concerns helps me bring value-added services to your daily operations ... in addition to the ramifications of the ever-changing tax code! 

It is prime time to make an appointment and sit down for tax planning!  By now you have received your Tax Organizer Package.  Please use  it to effectively prepare for our busy visit -- there is much to discuss!  E-filing starts January 29th.  Due to identity theft, refunds with credits will be slowed again this year--generally not available until after mid-February.  Inconvenient preparer-mandated verifying techniques are now a norm.  Drop me your email address for my monthly newsletter. Hear from you soon!

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